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Introducing UX Channel

UX Channel is a side project I've been working for the past few weeks: it's basically a selection of inspiring videos for people interested in User Experience.

Free Web Optimization Tools

Enterprise web optimization tools are expensive. They provide incredible features, but are often heavy on your budget. Before taking the leap and investing in those products, start by getting acquainted to higher conversion rates using free tools.

10 Steps to Data Informed Optimization

How do you streamline the digital optimization process? Is there an established method? What are the steps? I asked myself those questions many times and came to formulate some tentative answers. Here is my take at data informed web optimization in ten steps.

Google Analytics Introduces Site Speed

The most important aspect of this report is that it shows actual page performance, as experienced by your users (unlike most web performance measuring tools that rely upon custom agents, on a limited set of geographic locations).