Let's Start With Why

First things first

I feel I need to start here. In the past 10 years I couldn't write consistently. Today, I am facing the busiest and most challenging time in my life and adding up another thing to my to do list seems just too much, if not plain wrong.

So? I like challenges, and I like writing. It  makes my thinking sharper and it builds order in my mind. It pushes me to dig deeper, to fact check, to look for second opinions, to consider the point of view of a potential reader. 

Why did I stop? This is the real question. It was not about the lack of time - there is always a way to find time. I believe I had started seeing writing as a function of the audience, which was small and largely passive. Looking at it that way it stopped being rewarding. I was measuring the success of my writing in the wrong way; counting page views instead of understanding how much it helped me make good sense of the changes in the technology world.

Why a blog and not personal journal then? I know I will be on the verge of quitting every week. Making the effort public should keep me motivated and accountable. It should make it more difficult for me to back away.

What is this going to be about?

I will be writing about the two things I am more passionate about about and that I know better: digital and commerce, but I will leave space for the occasional personal post.

The site looks pretty minimal and there are no pictures

That's the intent. Uncomplicated design that stays out of its way, no distractions in trying to make the site look pretty, adding fancy features or experimenting with unnecessary nerderies. It's just text, served as static files, with minimal overhead. It's meant to be fast and allow for focused reading.